One Year Old Connor Is Available

Connor is looking for his next adventure. He is a fun loving goofball who is always ready to take on the world.

His parents are AKC Confirmation Champions with genetic health clearances. As a puppy he underwent Volhard's Puppy Aptitude testing and visited the eye doctor, his eyes were cleared as normal. He is a DM Carrier, which means he can pass on the DM but is not a carrier himself.  He is not neutered at this time, we like to wait until at least 18 months before any of our corgis are altered, we do this to assure that the growth plates are sealed and they have reached puberty. Connor is up to date on his vaccinations, microchip registration through AKC Reunite, and comes with LIFETIME support from the breeder.

If interested in purchasing Connor, please fill out a questionnaire and contact Lisa.


Adults Available

From time to time we may have adult dogs available for sale and they will be listed on this page.

Most will either be spayed or neutered and sold to approved pet homes, or in special circumstances may be leased or sold into approved show breeding homes.

These dogs were either in our breeding program or were retained as possible show/breeding prospects and for one reason or another we have decided not to continue them in our program.

These dogs are by no means rejects or unsalable puppies, and typically were our top picks of the litter but for one reason or another, we have decided not to continue them in our program.

It is difficult for us  to determine certain traits and characteristics of a puppy until they are several months old.  And it may take us several more months to decide if we really want to re-home the dog.

The traits and characteristics that we may be looking for are very specific for the AKC Show Ring and our breeding program and in no way does the lack of them diminish the quality of these dogs as a pet.



 We currently have a few young corgis under 2 available.  They range in age and price ranging from $0-3,000 

For more information on specific dogs available: Please view our facebook group, Bigelbach Corgis Available Dogs

If a certain dog catches your eye please contact Lisa