Many of our customers over the years have had struggled with how to groom their corgi and what to use. 

Here is some tips and tricks, and a few of our favorite products that we use on regular basis. 



The Pembroke has a thick, weatherproof double coat—a soft, light undercoat covered by a coarse outer coat. The breed sheds a fair amount on a daily basis, and even more so in the late spring/early summer. A daily once-over with a comb and a slicker brush will remove a lot of the shed hair before it is all over your house or you. Baths help to loosen the dead hairs and keep your dog smelling clean. We recommend a full grooming session every 6-8 weeks depending on your dog's activities.  As with all breeds, the Corgi’s nails should be trimmed regularly, the ears checked to be sure they are clean and healthy and their teeth brushed on a regular basis. 


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Boarding Grooming and Daycare

Looking to board your Corgi or other dog for a night, a week, or longer?

Your corgi will have a fun time in the country playing with our other corgis and other dogs.

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We also offer Daycare and Full grooming services!

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